Thank You Resources

Thank you for choosing to Show Some Love

First of all, THANK YOU for all you have done to make the campaign a success this year. We appreciate you!

Saying “thank you” is a critical part of running a successful campaign. Like the pieces of a puzzle, the campaign is dependent on various pieces fitting together and doing their part to create a beautiful mosaic of giving. Each of these pieces needs to be shown some love. Campaign workers need to know their extra hours of service did not go unnoticed. Charities need to know participating in the campaign was worth it, and will have a great impact on their beneficiaries. And donors need to know their genoersity is appreciated and will make a lasting difference for those in need. In fact, research shows that 65 percent of first-time donors don’t make a second gift – and 80 percent of those donors say a simple “thank you” would convince them to make a second donation! So let’s take the time to show appreciation to all of the critical pieces of the CFC puzzle to reciprocate generosity and set us up for success in the coming years. 

Campaign Managers and Coordinators can implement the following activities at their agency, installation, office, or unit to express gratitude for all of those coming together to make the campaign a success. 

Ways to Say “Thank You” 

Here are a few ideas for showing appreciation within your department/agency: 

  • Use the provided copy and images in the Social Media Copy Guide on your personal or agency/office/unit social media platforms. 
  • Send the “CM to Donors” letter to your colleagues thanking them for generous monetary and volunteer pledges. 
  • Hand out the printed “Thank You Cards” to donors as a token of appreciation. 
  • Thank campaign workers and donors at staff meetings or in conversations. Make sure to report back on your agency/department results if you have them at the time. 
  • Use the following messaging to express your gratitude: 
    • Thank you for choosing to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign. Your work empowers and inspires the generosity of the federal community, and together we can have an even greater impact. 
    • This year’s success is a testament to the generosity of all of you. 
    • Thank you for choosing to Show Some Love. Your generosity will make a difference for those in need.