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Art Contest Winners

At the end of the 2014/2015 school year, the CFC-O and DoDDS Elementary Schools in the European and Pacific commands partnered for the third annual CFC-O/DoDDS Elementary Art Contest. Students were asked to create original artwork depicting the CFC-O theme: "Give to make a difference. Give because you care." Due to the level of participation and the quality of submissions, the judging panel made of of DoD members in Washington, D.C., decided to award first through third place in each grade level.

Below you can view each of the winning drawings and learn how donations through the CFC-O change lives through the cause each drawing represents.

Kindergarten, 1st Place

Artist: Lina Orr

School: Bahrain Elementary School, Bahrain

Kindergarten, 2nd Place

Artist: Sarah Madzouzi

School: Bahrain Elementary School, Bahrain

Kindergarten, 3rd Place

Artist: Leyla Monaco

School: Garmisch Elementary/ Middle School, Germany

First Grade, 1st Place

Artist: Mason Neal    

School: John O. Arnn Elementary School, Japan

First Grade, 2nd Place

Artist: Mysl Carpenter       

School: Garmisch Elementary/Middle School, Germany

First Grade, 3rd Place

Artist: Jeremiah Starn     

School: John O. Arnn Elementary School, Japan

Second Grade, 1st Place

Artist: Joshua Montalvo     

School: Bahrain Elementary School, Bahrain

Second Grade, 2nd Place

Artist: Hannah Maazouzi     

School: Bahrain Elementary School, Bahrain

Second Grade, 3rd Place

Artist: Ava Leonovich       

School: John O. Arnn Elementary School, Japan

Third Grade, 1st Place

Artist: Evelyn Lee   

School: Aviano Elementary School, Italy