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Personal stories inspire giving by showing how people in need have benefitted from contributions through the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas. Personal stories can be included in speeches, shared at campaign events, used as good news articles in your local installation newspaper or sent as inspirational e-mails throughout the campaign.

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Information Saves Lives

Sailors and Philippine army soldiers help a woman to be airlifted to a safer location.

Today’s DoD Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response teams provide lifesaving services when disaster strikes. But they can’t do it alone. They need to work in coordination with local governments, non-profit agencies and the general public. Getting accurate information is critical to delivering aid effectively and is key to reducing risk and saving lives.   One CFC-O funded organization is an expert at monitoring social media and gathering information, and they leverage CFC donations to fund their emergency response team. 

Syrian Refugees: The Faces that Stay with You

Four-year-old Saad
Thirteen-year-old Oujelan. Ghaziyye and her twin girls. Four-year-old Saad, who's forgotten how to play—these are some of the faces that have stayed with Lauren Fisher, who visited Lebanon a year ago.
In what follows, Lauren reflects on the people she met there and celebrates the ways that a CFC-O supported charity has and continues to help Syrian refugees and other in need.
I met 13-year-old Oujelan at the end of his workday, his hands covered in clay and callouses from picking fruit for 12 hours straight.

Advocate for Women in Engineering

Women engineers
Funds from the Combined Federal Campaign–Overseas enable this women-oriented nonprofit to be the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. With a growing presence in Europe and India, this CFC-O-supported nonprofit is committed to offering unique opportunities to network and providing professional development for women engineers and those committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
One female engineer participant shared, “This is my first impression of [this organization].

World’s First Double Hand Transplant on a Child

Zion and his doctor
A charity supported by the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) joined a collaborative team of 40 medical experts from Philadelphia to perform the world’s first bilateral hand transplant on a child. Surgeons successfully transplanted donor hands and forearms onto 8-year-old Zion, who at the age of 2 underwent amputation of his hands and feet following a serious infection.
Scott Kozin, M.D. and Dan Zlotolow, M.D, initially evaluated Zion as a possible recipient of the first pediatric hand transplant.

Rehabilitating Veterans and Others through Paddling Sports

Jim Riley paddling
In August of 2013, a group of experienced kayakers and certified instructors joined together to establish a Pennsylvania chapter of a CFC-O-supported charity that helps active duty service members, recovering veterans and disabled members of the community find health, healing and new challenges through adapted kayaking and other paddling sports.

Give the Gift of Independence and Dignity

Photo of Brigadire General Barre Seguin
Several years ago, Brigadier General Barre Seguin’s mother-in-law became constrained with arthritis. The condition was so severe that she was unable to use her hands and therefore unable to prepare food for herself. With her family serving their country far-away, she had no one to help.
A CFC-supported charitable organization stepped in and delivered nutritious, ready-to-eat meals directly to her door. This enabled her to continue to live independently and with dignity while aging with a debilitating condition.

A Young Cancer Patient Learns to Breathe Through the Pain

When Daunte was born he was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. At 2 years old Daunte began a 5-year chronic transfusion program as a result of complications from his sickle cell. Eventually he needed to have surgery as well.
Daunte had a hard time with treatments and with the constant pain. When Daunte needed blood work or an IV, it took his mom and 2 – 3 nurses to hold him still. At that point one of his doctors suggested taking him to a Sickle Cell program run by a CFC-O-supported charity.

CFC-O Supported Charity Takes College Student from ‘Zero to Hero’

Matthew Wallace, 21, is a senior at a university in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is studying to become a professional pilot and aircraft mechanic. Before Matthew turned two, his father, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, lost his life along with four of his colleagues while on a mission in Peru. “I barely knew him, unfortunately I wasn't given a fair chance to,” says Matthew.
Today, Matthew is attending school with financial support from a CFC-O supported program that gives financial aid to the families of fallen federal agents.

From Patient Beneficiary to Volunteer

Michael is a volunteer for a CFC-O-supported charity that works with children with cancer. Michael uses his knowledge of martial arts to teach sick children how to be strong and stay calm in the face of fear and adversity. Working for this charity is very close to Michael’s heart—15 years ago, he was one of the beneficiaries. Recently, Michael wrote about his experience as a beneficiary and volunteer.
“I was ten years old when I enrolled in the very first cancer class [offered by this charity at a local hospital] in the summer of 1999.

Helping Children Succeed One Show at a Time

A CFC-O-supported charity puts on children’s theater productions. The productions give children a chance to have some fun and focus their attention on a project that allows them to build skills and achieve success. Below is a thank you letter from a volunteer who saw first-hand what a difference this charity has made in the lives of military families.
“I've played piano for [a CFC-O supported charity] almost every year since my first show in Misawa, Japan, around 1993.