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New Life After Typhoon Haiyan

When Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, the storm devastated homes, hospitals and critical infrastructure alike, and left an estimated 3.43 million people displaced. While the loss of a home and access to medical care would be terrible for anyone, it was especially harrowing for Hazel. Pregnant with her first child, Hazel gave birth to Yole during the storm.
Hazel and her husband’s joy at bringing a healthy baby girl into the world quickly turned to worry—their home was destroyed and they had nowhere to turn for shelter. How would Yole survive? Lucky for them, a CFC-O supported charity stepped in and provided them with emergency supplies, including a tent the family could use for shelter.
The shelter is more than just a tent to Hazel and her family—it’s Yole’s first home. Hazel explained, “We are so happy with the tent because when we came out of the midwife’s house, we didn’t have a house anymore to go back to. Now this tent is our home.”
The interior is immaculate. The family has built a beautiful wooden bench for the tent, hung curtains to give Hazel some privacy while she was breastfeeds Yole, and set up a neatly organized pantry for their food, as well as a dresser with decorations and family mementos. Many other families on the island followed suit and turned their tents into real homes, knowing that it will take some time to rebuild their houses again.