Start Strong Toolkit

Start Strong logo with a frame around the ART

It’s here - our favorite time of year: the kickoff of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)!

We have designed this toolkit to help you:

  • Set a fun and exciting tone for the CFC in your agency/installation/office/unit;
  • Get the word out to everyone that it is CFC time;
  • Generate momentum to carry through the entire CFC season.

Because this year’s design theme incorporates sketches to illustrate charitable causes, the stART Strong toolkit plays on the word “art” and has some fun ideas for events, activities, and promotions.

Plan a Fun Kickoff EventWord cloud of various art related event ideas

Events are so important. When done well, they can increase participation in the campaign, motivate campaign workers, increase donations for charities, make you (the organizer) look like a rock star to your leadership, and even boost morale in the workplace. What better way to kick off your campaign than by having a great event? The suggestions include fun, art-related things you could do at your kickoff event. Let the sky (and your ethics office approval) be the limit. Refer to the Event Planning page for additional event guidance.

We have developed three ideas you might want to incorporate into your kickoff event and provided some resources for each. You can choose what you think your co-workers might like best (maybe even use all three!).

  1. Distribute the stART Strong Activity Packet: This booklet is full of fun drawing games you might remember from childhood. A CFC cause is connected to each activity to help your team increase awareness for all the different causes CFC charities support. You can print and distribute this as a giveaway incentive for people attending your event. It might be fun for people to doodle in these during a meeting.
  2. Play CFC Cause Pictionary: Print the Game Boards and Cause Cards. Cut out the cards and use the blank ones to fill in charitable causes that are important to you. At the event, divide attendees into teams and let the contest begin!
  3. Host an Art Show: In advance of the event, use the Invitation Template to invite your colleagues to submit drawings that represent their favorite charitable cause. You can distribute Sketch Cards for this or have them draw on a regular piece of paper (or even larger poster board). They will submit the drawings to you with their name and contact information on the back. Use the Invitation Template to invite everyone to attend the event. On the day of the event, hang up all the art, gallery style, for viewing. Label each entry with a number, name, or have some fun and use artwork titles for each piece. Event attendees can vote on their favorites using the Voting Sheet. Be sure to give instructions for how to vote based on your naming system for each entry. Because not everyone is a budding Picasso, or even feels comfortable with freehand drawing, there are several categories to encourage everyone to participate: Best Stick Drawing, Graffiti Award (for the best word art), Activist Award (for the drawing that most makes you want to donate), and Rembrandt Award (for the drawing that deserves to be in a museum). The Award Certificates can be presented at the event or after the votes have been tallied.

Promote the Start of the CFC

In addition to planning a fun, attention-grabbing event, it is important to promote the start of the campaign season in general. To this end, we have several resources available to help you:

  • Email communications templates: Send these (or for an extra boost, have your leadership send) to all personnel in your agency/installation/office/unit.
  • Kickoff event speech: Use this to customize a speech your leadership can deliver at your CFC kickoff event, via video message, or at an all hands meeting.
  • Press release: Use this to announce the start of the campaign in a local media outlet, newsletter, intranet site, or intra-agency communication.
  • Splash screen: If allowed, work with your technology department to have this screen show up on everyone’s computer when they log in for the day.  Other ideas for use include putting this on electronic displays in your building, emailing to everyone as an attachment, or printing and posting on bulletin boards or other high traffic areas.
  • Social media: If your agency has a social media account, post this pre-written content to promote the start of the campaign. To view the social media drawing video, see below. To download it, click here.