Responsibilities and Training

This graphic shows the CFC-O campaign worker hierarchy from Program Manager at the Combatant Command level, to Component Manager at the component level, to Community/Area Project Officers at the installation level, and Keyworkers at the unit level.OVERVIEW

Campaign Leadership Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)
The campaign’s governing body which may be comprised of local Federal officials, members of inter-agency organizations, and representatives of employee unions. The LFCC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson lead the LFCC in its oversight of the campaign.

Central Campaign Administration (CCA)
The organization responsible for developing and maintaining the national CFC giving website, receiving pledge data, and making distributions to charities. 

Outreach Coordinator (OC)
A small business contracted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct marketing activities, arrange for events such as charity fairs, and educate charities and donors regarding the CFC program within a local campaign zone.

Program Manager (PM)
Each of the five overseas combatant commands (CoCom) appoints a Program Manager (PM) to oversee the implementation of the CFC within the command. The PM is responsible for recruiting/appointing Component Managers. PMs are also responsible for briefing CoCom leadership on the status/progress of the campaign.

Country Area Coordinator (CAC)
The Country Area Coordinator (CAC) is a special position utilized in the Pacific Command. There is one CAC for U.S. Forces Japan and another for U.S. Forces Korea.

Component Manager (CM)
Each branch of service within a CoCom appoints a Component Manager to manage the operation of the campaign within the component. Component Managers report to the CoCom Program Manager (or in PACOM they also report to the CACs in their respective country). They are responsible for recruiting/tasking and overseeing Community/Area Project Officers (CAPOs) at each installation or area within their component. 

Community/Area Project Officer (CAPO)
CAPOs have the large resonsibility of implementing the CFC at their installation/area. They report to Component Managers and their own installation leadership. They are responsible for recruiting, training, and motivating a team of campaign Keyworkers. They are also responsible for campaign publicity and events. See more on CAPO responsibilities in the Standard Operating Procedure or CAPO Guide. Download a template to help you develop a campaign plan for your installation here.

A Federal employee who personally contacts colleagues to promote the CFC, answers questions, and asks people to participate by making a monetary gift and/or pledging volunteer hours.


Click on the picture below to download a PDF of the training slides for CAPOs or Keyworkers.

This is a picture of the first slide in the 2017 CFC-O CAPO Training presentation.     This is a picture of the first slide in the 2017 CFC-O Keyworker Training presentation.   This is a picture of the first slide in the online pledge walkthrough. It says "How to Pledge Online."

If you are a CAPO who will be delivering a Keyworker Training, download your script here.