Representative Recognition

Certificate of Achievement

All campaign representatives receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Secretary of Defense to recognize their efforts in supporting the campaign. Based on the command or branch of service, campaign work may count toward points on performance review and/or for promotion.

Outstanding CAPO Award

One exemplary CAPO team within each component will receive the Outstanding CAPO Award to honor their distinguished performance in managing the campaign for their installation.

CFC Hero Award

A CFC Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to the campaign. Anyone can nominate a CFC-O Hero by simply completing the nomination form on this website (nominations open during and directly after the campaign). Heroes will be recognized by the CFC-O for their dedication and commitment to the campaign. Each March, the CFC-O nominates three distinguished individuals to OPM for the opportunity to be chosen as a National CFC Hero. 

Click here to complete a Hero Nomination Form.

New for 2016!

All Star Program

Outstanding Unit Representatives will be nominated during each third of the campiagn to receive a CFC All Star certificate signed by their installation commander.

All Star Award flyer