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Success Stories and Promotional Items for the CFC-O

Do you represent a federation or charity in the CFC-O? If so, we need your help! In order to support the campaign and encourage participation each year, campaign workers and contributors have requested more success stories (with accompanying pictures) and promotional items for the campaign season. 
Success Stories
Our contributors want to see the impact their donations are making in their military communities, at home in the United States and across the globe. Please send us one or two success stories (preferably accompanied by a picture), sharing the great work of your charity in the field. These stories may be used on the CFC-O website, social media sites, newsletters and/or other printed materials. Please note that by regulation, we cannot show favoritism to specific organizations, therefore charity names will be replaced with “a CFC-O funded organization” or similar phrase. 
To share your stories and pictures, please send them to [email protected] with the following authorization: "I authorize the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) and its authorized representatives, the right to print, publicize and edit as desired, photographs, stories and information provided for their use by our organization for the purpose of promoting the CFC-O."
Promotional Items
Campaign workers use charity promotional items at events for potential contributors. Support these events and increase your charity’s visibility by sending promotional items (such as pens, hand sanitizers, bracelets, etc.) for the use of the CFC-O. If you are interested in sending promotional items, please email [email protected].