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New Pledging Option for 2013

Launch of MyPay Online Payroll Allotment Pledging

New for the 2013 campaign, contributors to the CFC-O have the option to make an online payroll allotment pledge using the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) myPay system. After years of development; extensive testing at the local, national and international level; and approval from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Office of the Combined Federal Campaign, the module is ready for use.
Federal employees who use DFAS for payroll can enter the system through their regular log-in process either using a Common Access Card (CAC) or their DFAS username and password. Once logged into the system, Active Duty Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines will be required to manually enter their four-digit campaign code (the CFC-O campaign code is 0995) in order to access the correct charity database. DoD civilians will not have to enter the campaign code.
In order for myPay allotment contributions to be credited to the contributor’s unit, the CFC-O seven-digit unit number should be entered in the field marked “Command/Unit Name (alphanumeric field)”. This number can be obtained from the unit CFC-O Keyworker or by contacting a CFC-O office.
This is a transaction site only. Users have 20-30 minutes to complete their pledge before they are automatically logged-out of the system. There is no ability to start a pledge and save the data for later. Once the pledge is completed, the donor cannot make changes. Donors are limited to designating to a maximum of 30 different charitable organizations and a maximum pledge amount of $833 per pay period (month) or $9,999 for the year. Contributors wishing to designate to more than 30 charities or give $10,000 per year or more should use a paper pledge card.
With the addition of the MyPay option, CFC-O contributors have three different ways to pledge, including the triplicate Pledge Card and the CFC-O eGiving system for debit/credit card or electronic bank account contributions. “We are so excited to add this giving option for the generous contributors in the CFC-O,” said Victoria Adams, CFC-O Director. “Our goal is to make giving as easy as possible so charities can be empowered to make a difference around the world, and the online payroll allotment option does just that.”