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2012 CFC-O Kicks Off

Your opportunity to show you care through a Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) pledge to your favorite charity begins 17 September. The CFC-O, which ends on 16 November, is the annual workplace giving campaign for the five overseas combatant commands. Administered by Global Impact, the CFC-O raised nearly $14.3 million in 2011, demonstrating the generosity of DoD uniformed and civilian personnel.

Serving overseas often offers the unique opportunity to see firsthand the hardships people face around the world: limited access to clean drinking water, malnutrition and lack of educational opportunities, to name a few. The CFC-O offers an opportunity to touch the lives of people in military communities, across the nation and around the world.
With more than 2,400 charities from which to choose, contributors can find and support causes that have personal significance. Contributors also have the option to give to the overseas military community through the Family Support and Youth Program (FSYP) fund. FSYP donations are returned to overseas military installations to support quality of life programs for uniformed service members, Federal civilians and their families. 
Contributors can complete a paperless contribution via credit card, debit card or e-check online. Donations can also be made via payroll allotment, cash or check on a paper Pledge Card. Start making the world a better place by visiting or contact your CFC-O Unit Representative.  
About the CFC and CFC-O 
The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized charitable-giving drive for employees in the Federal workplace. Established by Executive Order in 1961, it continues to be the largest and most successful workplace fundraising model in the world. Over the years, the CFC has become a powerful way to help neighbors in need around the corner, across the nation and throughout the world. 
The dedicated uniformed and civilian personnel serving overseas connect with the CFC through the Department of Defense Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas. The CFC-O, administered by Global Impact, is one of the most successful charitable workplace giving campaigns in the world. The five combatant commands pledged nearly $14.3 million in 2011 to provide life-saving and life-enriching services benefiting millions of people.