Charities Helping the Federal Community

CFC charities are providing financial aid and therapeutic counseling:

"The partial government shutdown may be over, but for federal civilian employees, military personnel and federal contractors, the stresses and strains for being furloughed without pay for so long may linger for many weeks to come. Our CFC-supported charity wants all CFC members to know we're grateful for the love we've received for the past 4 years, and WE'RE HERE TO HELP! From February 15th, we're offering members in our service area of Medina and Summit counties 1 hour equine assisted therapy ("EAP") sessions faciliated by our V.E.T.S. (Veteran Equin Therapy Services) treatment team FREE OF CHARGE - no health insurance or private pay required. EAP is highly effective in dealing with PTSD and related disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and anger management. This offer is open to Federal Employees through CFC, individuals and families seeking to manage the financial and emotionnal burdens the shutdown has caused. Schedule your Free Session today!"

"Our CFC-supported religious organization offers help if you are a veteran and/or military family overcoming the consequences of war (including mental, physical, moral, familial, or financial injury). We provide counseling and networking, and as well as other gifts based on donations received. We are a nationwide service that is always available to help - just ask."

"We are a CFC-supported charity in Rockville, MD. We do not have income requirements for assistance. We offer services to the furloughed that we have always offered to Rockville - including a 3-5 day supply of emergency food, along with limited financial aid to help with rent, utilities, prescriptions, or other needs. We are monitoring the shutdown situation carefully and will look to relax limits or reassess financial aid provided when recipients of our aid identify they are furloughed federal employees."

This CFC-supported organization based in Central Oklahoma "is offering support to hose affected by the government shutdown. We are awarding grants to our Partner Agencies who are providing a variety of resources to furloughed federal employees. Resources being offered by our funded partners include food, rent/mortgage assistance, utility assistance, health and mental health care services, child care and afterschool programs, financial counseling, job  search assistance, legal aid and substance abuse services. We are educating the community about how to access these resources by distributing flyers at moble food distributions, posting on social media, and through the media about contacting 2-1-1 to get connected to these resources. We have also partnered with regional food bank and other service providers to put on two emergency food distribution and resource connecting events targeting the federal community. We have assisted at least 755 households representing over 2,600 family members since January 21st."

A large organization has a chapter in Rappahannock, VA, which is helping furloughed federal employees: "We have an ALICE Emergency Fund that was created several years ago to provide financial assistance to cover the cost of basic needs of housing and transportation (if required for employment) for households by providing one-time assistance to eligible applicants. Financial assistance is provided with the intent of assisting household to overcome financial crisis, prevent homelessness, and stabilize housing (rent/mortgage/deposit/car repair). Our staff is including financial hardships created by the government shutdown to the long list of "life events" that can have a negative impact on a household's financial stability."