Charities Helping the Federal Community

CFC-supported charities are offering membership programs and lifestyle services:

"We are a diaper bank in the greater DC area that has been supporting furloughed families. We teamed with the Coast Guard to distribute 10,000 diapers to CG families. We participated in a central kitchen that offers resources - there we distributed 34,000 diapers and 60,000 period products to furloughed households. We will continue participating with the kitchen. We have also provided 45,000 diapers to BWI, National, and Dulles airports for TSA, Air Traffic Controllers, and other furloughed employees. Thank yo ufor sharing our work and services - we knnow feds are so supportive of the CFC, and we are happy to support them right back."

"Friends impacted by the partial federal government shutdown - we are encouraging furloughed federal employees to take advantage of a one-year membership to Public Television here in Maryland. We recognize the shutdown is adding financial pressures faced by individuals and families in our community, so we hope to provide a bit of relief. Beginning January 18, 2019, furloughed federal employees will receive access to the one-year service, entitling them also to our monthly publication and access to online streaming of our programming. We hope this small gesture will provide some welcome assistance."

"Our popular National Park in Virginia, supported by the CFC, is collecting food for affected Park employees. We are also providing emergency funding to keep bathrooms at two of the national park's most heavily-used trails: Old Rag and Whiteoak Cnayon-open and clean during the shutdown. Donations are being accepted online and in-person. Thank you for your support."