Charities Helping the Federal Community

CFC-supported charities are providing food services:

"We provide emergency food to anyone in Germantown, up to ten times a year. While we provide to food to all, we have recently heard of self-identified furloughed federal employees receiving our services. We have volunteers who are federal workers or federal contractors that have more time too help too; they have been donating their time for more emergency food deliveries."

"Our CFC-supported soup kitchen operating in Waldorf, MD is more than just that. Everyone in need of a meal is welcomed. No one is turned away, and no questions are asked. We also provide to-go bags which are made up of protein, a drink, and snacks. Those who are furloughed are more than welcome to join us any night or all three nights if needed. No one is required to sing in nor are they asked their circumstances. We serve Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 5:00PM - 6:15PM. We serve at multiple locations in Waldorf."

"We offer emergency food help for federal workers at our CFC-supported food bank located in Delaware. Federal workers who have been impacted by the government shutdown may visit one of the bank's location Monday-Friday from 8:30AM - 3:30PM. Please bring your government ID. We operate in two major cities in Delaware."

"At our CFC-supported organization, we are having a food drive to collect necessities high in protein, such as canned beans and vegetables, peanut butter, and stews to donate to those who are furloughed. We will deliver what has been collected to food banks in Maryland."

"A foodbank in Norfolk, VA, supported through the CFC, distributes nearly 15 million meals each year through community-based programs in their service area. There are extended service programs during and after the shutdown: Monday and Friday (9AM-11AM), and Thursday (4PM-6PM) - it will remain in effect until February 28th. They are providing food and other resources to insecure children and families, including those of TSA, Virginia MAritime Association, and Norfolk Airport Authority employees. They are currently accepting and providing baby items - forumla, diapers, food, wipes - household items - toilet paper, soal, toothpaste - and food tiems - non-perishable, lean meats, rice and pasta - for those in need."