FAQs for Campaign Workers

How do I receive my campaign materials? 

Boxes are sent out at the beginning of the campaign season from our overseas headquarters in Germany. They are sent directly to the APO/DPO provided and will provide everything you need to run a successful campaign. Please note that we ship boxes using official mail, so it may take two to three weeks for materials to be received. 

How do I order additional supplies? 

Ordering additional supplies is easy! If you're a Keyworker, just let your CAPO know what you need - they will order it for you. If you are a CAPO, complete the supply order form. Be sure to complete all required fields. From there, a box of requested supplies will be shipped to the address you provide. Please note that we ship boxes using official mail, so it may take two to three weeks for materials to be received. 

What are some examples of events to hold? 

There are a number of events you can hold to raise awareness about the CFC! The sky is the limit! From contests, to walks and runs, from chili cook offs to basketball games - we encourage you to be creative and host an event that will cater to your area. We have a handy Event Guide for you to use in your planning!

How do I submit completed pledge forms?

Keyworker: After checking for errors, submit all pledge forms to your CAPO at your weekly meetings. Remember that completed pledge forms may contain PII and must be handled safely and securely.

CAPOs: Please check all pledge forms for erros. Then, put them in one of the six CFC-provided, pre-addressed envelopes and mail them out using your unit's official mail account. If you need more envelopes, please order them through the materials order form at cfcoverseas.org.

Where do I find my unit's reporting code?

Your CAPO will have this information. Please reach out to them for access to this number. If you are a CAPO and do not know how to access your unit reporting code, please reach out to your CFC representative via the helpdesk at cfcoverseas.org.

When does the campaign start?

The 2018 CFC-O kicks off on 15 OCT 2018.

What's love got to do with it?

Everything! That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you give to a cause you are passionate about is love. And certainly the beneficiaries of the charities who receive the help and hope they need feel loved as a result of the CFC.

How do I report contact?

Keyworker: First, use the Contact Tracker template at cfcoverseas.org to track how many people you should contact, how many times you have reached out to them, and if you have provided a donor gift (pop socket or coin). Update your CAPO every week to let them know how many "new contacts" you have made.

CAPOs: Gather all the contact your Keyworkers have reported to you and go to the contact form via a link provided to you. If you need it again, you may request it from [email protected]. Be sure to enter only NEW contacts on the form. For example, Keyworker A tells you during week one they have contacted 10 people. Enter 10 for Unit A. The next week, they report making contact with 8 new people, enter an 8 for Unit A. The form will automatically tally a total of 18 for Unit A's contact.

How do I see my area/installation's progress?

Your CFC Associate Director will send CAPOs a weekly progress report. The report will include: contact percentage; total dollars pledged; total volunter hours pledged; participation; per capita rate; and average gift by unit. CAPOs can share this information with Keyworkers and leadership.

Can foreign nationals/Master give through the CFC?

The CFC only permits solicitation of federal employees in the workplace, but often foreign nationals work closely and may hear that it is CFC time and want to participate. Anyone is allowed to create an account using the online pledge portal and give using a credit card. If the individual has a bank account with an American bank, they will also be able to donate via paper check or echeck.