Family Support & Youth Programs (FSYP)

Unique to the CFC-O, undesignated contributions (up to six percent of campaign gross revenue) are returned to overseas installations as Family Support & Youth Programs (FSYP) funds to be invested in quality of life programs. Installation commanders use FSYP funds at their discretion while following branch of service and OPM guidelines.

Gifts to FSYP directly improve the experience of living abroad, support single and deployed service members and help ease the transition for families and children making new lives in overseas military communities by funding programs that offer emergency assistance, support recreational activities and improve facilities for those who are far from home. In addition, FSYP gifts enable overseas locations to offer free or reduced-cost programs so that the entire cost of special activities is not passed on to those serving our country and their families. From providing softballs for youth to funding language classes for spouses, FSYP enhances the quality of life for those living in an overseas military community.

The CFC-O does not withhold any administrative fees from FSYP donations, so your donations go right to work in your community. For 2015, the CFC-O will return nearly $500,000 to support local programs.

How to Make an FSYP Contribution

To make a contribution to FSYP, simply leave all or a portion of your donation undesignated on your pledge card. Download the FSYP Flyer here.

Hoq to pledge with FSYP  2016 Pledge card