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Campaign Contests

In 2014, the CFC-O will host four exciting campaign contests. These contests increase participation in the CFC-O and capitalize on the natural competitive spirit and camaraderie inherent in the military culture in a fun, positive way.

Kickoff Competition

Kickoff events set the tone for the entire campaign, so the more creative the event, the more energized the campaign will be. CAPOs and Campaign Representatives are encouraged to organize and execute CFC-O kickoff events during the first week of the campaign (8-12 September). CAPOs will submit their event via the Event Submission Form to their supporting CFC-O office no later than 22 September. Entries will be judged on overall impression; presentation quality; creativity/uniqueness; effective communication of CFC-O messages; perceived level of effort. Prizes will be awarded to one winning location in each component per command.

Participation Surge Contest

Building on the momentum established by the kickoff events, the Participation Surge Contest will track participation at each installation/area over the course of the first three weeks of the campaign (8-26 September). This contest has a timely and fun football theme, with participation being measured in "yards gained" in football graphics. Tailgate cooler prizes will be awarded to one winning location in each component per command.

Week of Online Giving Contest

During the mid-campaign timeframe, the CFC-O will energize giving by focusing on contributors' ability to pledge online. Campaign Representatives will be encouraged to focus on educating potential contributors about the online giving options during the fifth week of the campaign. Actual online giving participation increases will be measured the sixth week of the campaign (13 - 19 October). Prizes will be awarded to the installation/area with the greatest increase in online giving participation during this week. One prize will be awarded in each component per command.

Best Overall Campaign Event

Campaign Representatives are encouraged to bring fun, excitement and awareness to the campaign through events and/or fundraisers. At the end of the campaign, Campaign Representatives can submit their event to be judged on the following criteria: overall impression; presentation quality; creativity/uniqueness; effective communication of CFC-O messages and perceived level of effort. The deadline for submission is 21 November. This contest excludes kickoff events. Prizes will be awarded to one winning location in each component per command.


Community Engagement Contests

The CFC-O pioneered several contests to increase community involvement in and awareness of the campaign. These contests generate excitement and bring fresh ideas. By running the contests in the spring, the CFC-O leverages the off-season and keeps the campaign top-of-mind in the overseas military community year-round.

Coin Design Contest

Each year, the CFC-O holds a coin design contest open to DoD employees and their family members for the design of the annual limited edition collector’s coin. This year, the CFC-O proudly recognizes Ms. Cristina Piosa as the winner 
of the 2014 CFC-O Coin Design Contest. Her husband is stationed with the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, GA and currently deployed overseas. She says “We are blessed to live in a nation where we can contribute to help others, and I wanted to depict that patriotism for this upcoming campaign.”

Read more about the 2014 Coin Design.

DoDDS Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest

The CFC-O has partnered with DoDDS since 2008 to generate creative PSAs. Each year, high school and middle school audio-visual students create 30-second television spots encouraging participation in the campaign. We post the PSAs on our YouTube account and advertise them on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Viewers "like" their favorite videos. Winners are selected based upon several criteria including the number of "likes." The American Forces Network (AFN) televises these winning videos on their channels overseas.

View the 2014 winning PSA videos.

DoDDS Art Contest

In 2013, the CFC-O expanded its partnership with DoDDS to include a contest for the elementary school children. Students in grades K-5 submit original artwork depicting the theme of the campaign. Three winners were selected per grade level. The CFC-O used the winning designs in publicity materials and campaign representative training sessions.

View the 2014 winning artwork.