Campaign Materials

2017 List of Charities

This is the cover for the 2017 CFC-O List of Charities PDF.

This is the official 2017 list of charities for the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas. This listing contains more than just a list of CFC participating charities. It includes information for donors about the CFC provided by OPM as well as local campaign specific infomation. Donors can also search for charities online at Use the instruction document provided below to help you search for your charities online.

Pledge Form

This is a picture of the front cover of the pledge form.

This is the 2017 CFC-O Pledge Form. It can be downloaded, filled-out, and submitted either to a CFC Community/Area Project Officer (CAPO) at each installation or mailed directly to the CFC Processing Center. It is also a great worksheet for donors to use before going online to complete a pledge so that all the information they need is at their fingertips.

Donor Card - Mid Campaign

This is the front side of the mid-point donor card. It says "My cause is" and gives space for someone to write in their chosen charitable cause.

This donor card is designed to be distributed once the campaign is in full swing. A great idea is to use it in support of the Show Some Love promotional day on November 2nd. Federal employees should use this card to fill out their chosen charitable cause and then take and post a selfie with the card on their social media page. The card can also be physically posted on a cause wall in each unit or installation.