The CFC-O recognizes donors, units, and campaign workers for their collective efforts to make the campaign a success.

Unit Recognition

Accurate tracking and reporting CFC donations back to the donors’ military unit has been a bit of challenge this year due to the new pledge system, making our historical method of recognizing units by awarding them a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level award based on participation percentages and/or per capita gift levels difficult. However, dedicated Keyworkers and generous donors in all units have continued to Show Some Love to their chosen charities through this campaign, even when the reported results appear to lag. Therefore, the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) has authorized a new unit recognition mechanism for the 2017 campaign: the Impact Award. The Impact Award honors and celebrates the collective generosity of the heroes serving in the DoD overseas and recognizes the huge positive impact the millions of dollars pledged through this campaign will have on the lives of those in need around the world. CAPOs will nominate units that have demonstrated a positive impact through the CFC via their campaign participating and engagement efforts to receive the Impact Award through the MANAGE system.

Keyworker Recognition

Keyworkers quality to receive a CFC Certificate of Achievement signed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense by completing at least 80 percent of their required tasks. 

CFC Hero

CFC Heroes go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the camapign. Anyone can nominate a CFC-O Hero by completing the nomination form (nominations will be accepted until January 31, 2018). Heroes will be recognized by the CFC-O for their dedication and commitment to the campaign. The top three distinguished nominations will be forwarded to compete as National CFC Heroes.

Donor Recognition

The CFC-O is offering two donor recognition items this year. Donor recognition will be provided to donors who self-identify in either category and alert their unit Keyworker they have completed a pledge.

First-Time CFC Participants Returning Donors

This is a picture of the first-time donor recognition item, a silicone cell phone pocket.

Donors who have decided to support their charitable cause through the CFC for the first time will receive a silicone sleeve
that can be adhered to the back of a handheld electronic device to store ID cards or credit cards.

This is a picture of the 2017 CFC-O donor recognition item: a desktop coaster that says "Thank you for Showing Some Love"

All other donors will receive a commemorative desktop coaster in recognition fo their continued support of the CFC. 


*Note: if a donor in either category would prefer an alternate gift, Keyworkers are authorized to exchange the gifts, while supplies last.