There are many ways to thank someone, both during the campaign and after. In fact, some of the campaign's most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to Show Some Love and say "thank you" to installation leadership, campaign workers, and donors. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year's campaign.

How to Show Some Love to Donors 

  1. Provide a donor gift and thank you card. The CFC-O will provide campaign workers with thank-you cards and Pop Sockets (see image below). Keyworkers should follow up with their colleagues to learn who has made a gift in order to provide these tokens of recognition and appreciation.
  2. Provide donors with a CFC coin. Donors who pledge $150 or more will be eligible to receive a 2018 coin (see image below). Donors must self-identify to receive the coin. Keyworkers must monitor coin distribution.
  3. Educate donors how to receive a charity thank you. Many charities send messages of thanks after a donation has been made, but this is only possible when the donor chooses to release his/her contact information. The donor must choose not to remain an anonymous donor. Please ensure all colleagues are aware that their decision to be anonymous will prevent them from receiving a thank you from their selected charities.
  4. Personal thanks from a campaign worker. Thanking a colleague for making a difference can be a powerful way to recognize someone. As a campaign worker, ensure that you are recognizing those who give by offering a sincere "thank you" for their support.

How to Show Some Love to Campaign Workers

  1. Recognize Keyworkers. CAPOs should ensure that Keyworkers are recognized for their time and dedication to the campaign by ordering a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense for them. Contact your local CFC Associate Director to place your order. The certificates will be more memorable if they are presented publically by leadership at a recognition event or all call.
  2. Recognize Units. CAPOs should be prepared to nominate units that have demonstrated a positive impact through the CFC via their campaign participation or engagement efforts for the CFC-O Impact Award. The Impact Award honors and celebrates the collective generosity of the heroes serving in the DoD overseas. It recognizes the positive impact the millions of dollars pledged through this campaign will have on the lives of those in need around the world. Contact your local CFC Associate Director to submit your nomination.
  3. Nominate a CFC Hero: A CFC Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to the campaign. Anyone can nominate or be nominated as a CFC Hero. This is the CFC's highest award and winners are selected at the national level. Nominate a Hero here.