Army PSA Templates

PSA Sample 1:

Our service in the United States Army is part of a proud tradition of duty and selflessness. This fall we have the opportunity to participate in another tradition that shares these same values: making a contribution through the Combined Federal Campaign to help those in need at home and around the world. The CFC gives you the opportunity to Show Some Love and positively impact millions of lives by supporting charitable causes that are close to your heart. Your $50 donation supports current cancer research and evaluation of new treatment options that could save a life. Join me and many others and Show Some Love today by completing your pledge.  

PSA Sample 2:

Members of the United States Army spend each day serving our country and protecting millions of lives around the world. This fall, there is another way to show you care: give through the Combined Federal Campaign and Show Some Love to those in need. Every contribution, large or small, changes the lives of those in need. With thousands of charities to choose from, you are sure to find a cause that is right for you. Whether you support disaster relief, efforts to bring clean water to at-risk communities, or rehabilitating wounded warriors, your donation makes a difference. Join me in making the 2018 CFC a success by completing your pledge today via