2018 CFC-O Heroes

 A CFC Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to the campaign. This year, the CFC Overseas recognized three outstanding individuals who helped make the 2018 campaign a success. 

MSgt Jana Madrid

Woman in military uniform MSgt Madrid has a strong belief in making a difference for those that are less fortunate than her. Over the years, she has seen the benefits the CFC provides to those in need and has wanted to serve as a campaign leader for that reason. However, due to her Permanent Change of Station timeline year over year, she was never able to meet the time requirements necessary to fill a position for the full campaign season. In lieu of this, MSgt Madrid enthusiastically volunteered to be a Keyworker for the 2018 CFC-O, at Kunsan Air Base in Korea. Her responsibilities as a Keyworker included informing and educating colleagues about the campaign, assisting donors with their contributions, reporting to and assisting campaign leadership, and attending training and/or briefings to ensure she had the knowledge needed to be a successful Keyworker.

During the campaign, a member of the Kunsan campaign leadership was unexpectedly absent for an extended period. MSgt Madrid saw the need for a leader in the campaign, and stepped in to do everything she could to assist her fellow coworkers. She orchestrated 7 outreach events, including a 2-hour kick-off event. She led successful training session at very short notice, and proceeded to assist in hosting and leading many additional training sessions to ensure all Keyworkers in her unit had the knowledge and tools they needed to be successful. This demonstration of strong leadership during an adverse situation (a responsibility that she was neither tasked nor expected to do) was in addition to her duties as a Keyworker, which she completed flawlessly. MSgt Madrid truly embodies the philanthropic ideals of both the armed forces and the CFC; she saw a need, and she filled a need. Even from her new duty assignment outside of her zone, MSgt Madrid continues to Show Some Love by checking in with both OC staff and campaign leadership to ensure the 2018 Kunsan campaign was a success.

Due to the efforts set forth by MSgt Madrid, Kunsan was one of the first in the Combatant Command to reach 100% contact with all DoD personnel. Her efforts as a keyworker lead her unit to be the second highest grossing unit in the area, attaining the highest gift per capita. Her willingness to step in and volunteer for a position that she was neither tasked for nor expected to fill, was instrumental in her command increasing total dollars raised by 77% over the 2017 campaign.


TSgt Carly Blackwell

woman in military uniform TSgt Blackwell was the Component Manager for U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). As the Component Manager, she was responsible for managing the CFC-O for the entire USAFE command. Her duties included recruiting and managing 24 Community Area project Officers (CAPOs) for key locations across Europe, and engaging with leadership to ensure overall success of the USAFE Combined Federal Campaign. TSgt Blackwell was instrumental in setting up leadership meetings, encouraging campaign workers, planning trainings, and being the liaison between CFC-O staff and the USAFE team.

TSgt Blackwell displayed meticulous attention to detail, which was instrumental in this year’s campaign success. She became the go-to person for USAFE, keeping 11 wings on track and providing them with customized tools to track their campaign progress. During training sessions TSgt Blackwell actively participated by volunteering to run a “make-the-ask” skit with the OC staff and quizzed campaign workers to ensure her AOR was on track for a successful campaign season.

TSgt Blackwell proved herself as a successful campaign leader by ensuring the USAFE campaign structure was organized in a way that made sense to campaign workers and ensured all installations received the individual attention they deserved from a dedicated CAPO. She provided bi-weekly updates by creating engaging PowerPoint slides and continuously engaged with leadership to ensure strong support for her Keyworkers. She attended multiple kickoff meetings/events and was always ready to Show Some Love with a smile and helping hand.

TSgt Blackwell is a fantastic example of being a team leader, her enthusiasm and excitement as a CFC-O Component Manger was infectious throughout the USAFE AoR.

Under TSgt Blackwell’s leadership, the USAFE CFC exceeded 2017 campaign results by raising a total of $344,989, a 23% increase over 2017 results and the most raised of all Components in the European Command. Through TSgt Blackwell’s dedication and determination, USAFE also achieved an incredible increase in participation over 2017. The outreach efforts of her and her team encouraged 894 donors to contribute to causes they care about during the 2018 CFC-O.


MSgt Ryan Duncan

man in military uniform MSgt Duncan was initially tasked as an alternate Community Area Project Officer (CAPO) for Aviano Air Force Base. Due to an unexpected temporary duty for the Primary CAPO, MSgt Duncan stepped up and assumed his coworker’s very important role with excitement and graciousness. As the CAPO for Aviano AFB, he was responsible for recruiting, and managing a team of Keyworkers to ensure 100% informed opportunity to give for all active duty service members and federal civilians located in his Area of Responsibility (AoR). During the entire campaign he was incredibly responsive and never hesitated to meet CFC deliverables.

MSgt Duncan took the responsibility of holding events and engaging with his Campaign Workers seriously and put a strong emphasis on building awareness of the CFC-O throughout the entire campaign. Under his leadership, Aviano AFB held a total of 6 events including kick offs, fun contests, and awareness events in high trafficked areas on the installation.

During the kickoff event, MSgt Duncan and his team engaged with personnel on the installation by providing visuals that displayed the impact of giving through the CFC. This effort increased campaign awareness and helped surpass 2017 giving levels. During the mid-campaign stage, MSgt Duncan hosted a face painting booth at the Fall Fest, where he and his team talked about the benefits of giving through the CFC. Together, they painted over 100 kids’ happy faces. Lastly, he hosted a week-long awareness event at the Base Exchange during lunch, where he finished the campaign strong by working with local organizations to engage in fun contests.

Through MSgt Duncan’s dedication and efforts, the Aviano AFB campaign increased total dollars raised by 44% and almost doubled participation over 2017. There is no doubt that the success of the 2018 campaign is due to MSgt Duncan’s positive attitude, his dedication to the cause, and the multiple events he hosted to increase awareness of the CFC-O. During the 2018 campaign, MSgt Duncan was consistently the most responsive campaign worker throughout the entire European Command. This sort of tenacity and dedication is a true testament to the success of the Aviano AFB CFC.