Charles's Story

Sgt. Charles C. Nelson of the U.S. Capitol Police is a rare Washington, D.C. native. He says that he feels "blessed to have parents who worked and fought for my brother and I to have the best educational opportunities possible" while growing up in the inner city and attending DC public schools. "Far too often, other children weren't so lucky," he remembers. That is why he does whatever he can to help children striving to achieve their educational goals live up to their potential.

He is a member of a CFC-supported organization that recently started a scholarship program for deserving teens in the Washington, D.C. area. Sgt. Nelson was there when the award was presented to the first recipient. "Seeing the look on his and his mom's faces when we presented him with the award made all the effort worth it. It really inspired me to do what I can to help as many ambitious young people in the District as possible."