My cause is healthcare awareness. Healthy lifestyles have become a pandemic and a lack of knowledge is at the root of the cause. On both sides of my family, all the adults over 30 have diabetes, and I have already lost two grandparents to the disease. I have travelled the world, and in particular, I visited Senegal. In this small country, the people run every day and focus on a healthy lifestyle as a way of life. Although the country has struggled with disease, the people are currently making an effort to make everyone aware of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. If Americans can practice the same level of health awareness as Senegal, many sicknesses and afflictions that Americans suffer from could be alleviated. Funding through the CFC could provide funds for health education efforts in the most distressed areas of the United States. This is my first experience with the CFC, and I am extremely excited to be part of the campaign.