CFC Stories

Personal stories inspire and connect us as we work to reach a common objective or goal, and storytelling within the CFC can be a powerful tool as we work together to make a difference for those in need.

Are you passionate about disaster relief, veterans services, animal rights, medical research, or another great cause supported by the CFC? Behind each chosen cause is a story, and by sharing these personal stories, we create a deeper connection with each other, participating charities, and those that benefit from our CFC contributions. Choose your cause and Show Some Love by sharing why it’s important to you!

Below are some sample stories to get you started. 

Success Stories

RYAN's STory

After being severely injured in Iraq in 2006 by an improvised explosive device, Ryan, a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, has had to learn to do many things all over again. 

“Before… I was very physically active, playing multiple sports – including swimming, white water rafting, football, wrestling and basketball,” Ryan says. His injuries, however, made it difficult to continue these activities.


Marissa joined the United States Army in 2004, where she trained to become a military police officer and was then sent to her first duty station at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Her unit had already deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, and Marissa quickly joined them – they were tasked with the training and security of multiple Iraqi police stations. 


My cause is people with disabilities because my wife has several physical and mental disabilities. We have worked with several CFC charities to educate key people in insurance and government that many forms of mental illness are as much a physical impairment of the brain as diabetes is to the pancreas. And that these disabilities and related illnesses should be given the same access to health care and necessary supplies as any other physical illness.


Just two months after burying her mother, Marie lost her fiancé as well. They were together for 10 years and had a three-year old daughter and a son on the way. Marie soon lost her job due to a contract loss, and then her apartment too. Her stable life quickly began to unravel. Marie turned to her grandmother, who raised her, for a temporary place to stay. 


When he’s not in school or playing, 11-year-old Adel makes about five trips a day to the water pump located at his school. He often goes with his two little brothers to get the water that his family of six requires for their daily needs, such as cooking, washing and drinking. 

Adel used to have to get water from the community’s natural spring – a much longer and more difficult process. But that was before a CFC-supported organization funded the installation of a water pump and three additional water taps at his school in the garden, the kitchen and near the toilets. 

Colin's Story

My cause, youth sports, is important to me, because I believe it is an excellent avenue for the preparation of youth for the challenges of life. Leadership and followership, teamwork, and myriad social skills are cornerstones of sports and competition. It also provides kids an opportunity to be mentored by adults and peers where they may not have that in their home life. Finally, it exposes kids to adversity and, with good coaching and mentorship, teaches them how to deal with these challenges in positive ways.


My cause is healthcare awareness. Healthy lifestyles have become a pandemic and a lack of knowledge is at the root of the cause. On both sides of my family, all the adults over 30 have diabetes, and I have already lost two grandparents to the disease. I have travelled the world, and in particular, I visited Senegal. In this small country, the people run every day and focus on a healthy lifestyle as a way of life. Although the country has struggled with disease, the people are currently making an effort to make everyone aware of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Minnie, Debbie & Ronnies Story

This is a picture of 3 Elephants that were released from travelling and performing to a sanctuary.

Minnie (born 1966), Debbie (born 1971) and Ronnie (born 1967) all arrived at the CFC-funded organization’s sanctuary in early 2006 after decades of traveling and performing for different circuses. All three elephants were born wild in Asia before being captured as calves and imported to North America.

Charles's Story

Sgt. Charles C. Nelson of the U.S. Capitol Police is a rare Washington, D.C. native. He says that he feels "blessed to have parents who worked and fought for my brother and I to have the best educational opportunities possible" while growing up in the inner city and attending DC public schools. "Far too often, other children weren't so lucky," he remembers. That is why he does whatever he can to help children striving to achieve their educational goals live up to their potential.

Mirela's Story

Mirela currently works for the Broadcasting Board of Governors. She came to the United States 24 years ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism never dreaming she would find work as journalist in her native language for Voice of America, an agency of the Federal government which provides trusted and objective news and information in 47 languages to a worldwide audience of more than 236 million people. She credits her education as the catalyst that opened doors in her career.

Immer's Story

My cause is protecting our oceans from pollution. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the ocean was my life. I would go to beaches almost daily to fish and surf. I cannot recall how many times I have seen beaches littered with trash or going fishing and reeling in a plastic bag. After one too many of those experiences, I decided to do my part and clean up local beaches with groups of friends.

Mary's Story

My cause, access to sports for individuals with disabilities, is important to me because I have seen how much these sports programs can help increase confidence, independence, and fitness, just by reducing the barriers to participation. This cause is close to my heart because I have a brother with down syndrome, so for as long as I can remember he has been playing baseball, participating in competitive sporting events, and engaging in other sports leagues specifically for people with disabilities.

Rangam's Story

My cause is cancer research because I am a cancer survivor myself. I am surviving simply because of the tremendous amount of cancer research and medical advancements that have happened, especially over the last few decades. Funding through the CFC can contribute immensely to this cause. Most of us want to contribute, but find it difficult to do so. The CFC makes giving for Federal employees very simple and less burdensome through auto-pay deductions. The CFC is genuine and one can contribute to literally any cause of their liking.

Natasha's Story

My cause is veterans. I am a veteran and I come from a family of service members dating back to the Korean War so I have a personal responsibility to help my fellow comrades through personal service and donating to organizations that support our service members through CFC. When I was first discharged from the United States Army, entering the workforce proved to be lot more challenging then I had anticipated. I realized quickly that I was not alone and many veterans had difficulties in trying to find jobs as a civilian.